Even when downsizing makes perfect practical and economic sense, it is challenging emotionally and physically. Lots of memories are tied up in a family home , with all the ups and downs of family life. With our support we can turn a very challenging time into a positive experience for you and the entire family.

Lots of contents are accumulated during the course of a family life, they are valued. We have developed relationships with a number of people to ensure that all your contents find a good home whether through sale or donation.

We will collate all the paperwork necessary to sell the house including site maps, planning exemptions, energy ratings and tax clearance. We will liaise with the solicitor and estate agent throughout the process.

We will plan the move and support selection of personal contents that will be brought to your new home. We will ensure that all your utilities are transferred in a timely manner and that any services specifically relating to the family home are cancelled. We will be there to deliver any needs and services you require until you are comfortably settled in your new home.

case study

Our clients contacted us when they had found a beautiful apartment in a new development but didn’t know how they were going to be able to sell the family home, quickly enough to enable them purchase the apartment which was almost ready for sale .

we got to work immediately

We met them at their home and were able to formulate a four category plan that we felt would work.

1) Dealing with Professionals

    • We arranged for the estate agent to visit the home to discuss a strategy, make a price recommendation and give advice for the best way to present the house for sale.
    • We spoke with the developer and agreed the purchase of the apartment, subject to a slightly longer than standard closing period.
    • We instructed a solicitor to carry out the conveyancing work.
    • We instructed an architect to provide a boundary map.
    • We instructed and supervised the removal company on the day of the move.

Clients made all the decisions but we dealt with all the day-to-day issues.

2) Organised distribution of all house contents.

    • We arranged for an auctioneer to come to the house and give an up-to-date valuation on the more valuable pieces of furniture and paintings.
    • We took photos of all the furniture and paintings in the home, and noted all measurements.
    • Using the floor plan for the new apartment, we agreed with the client which contents would be transferred to the new apartment.
    • Using the photos, we prepared and agreed which items be brought to the apartment, donated to family members, prepared for sale, charity donation and recycling. We then circulated it to all vested parties.
    • Using our contacts, we established which auction houses would take which items for sale and which charity shops would take which residual items.
    • We arranged for a man with a van to come to the house to collect everything that needed to be brought to the recycling centre , auction houses or charity shops.

Clients felt that all their surplus possessions had found a good home.

3) Preparing the house for sale

The family home had been well maintained but was dated and needed some “decluttering”.

    • We arrived with all the necessary boxes, bags and packaging and took away a number of items that were creating a clutter directly to a local charity shop.
    • We carefully packaged up all personal items including many framed pictures and left them in boxes in the attic.
    • We arranged for a painter / handyman to come into the house over a couple of days to carry out a few touch ups.
    • We instructed a gardener to tidy up the garden and plant some flowers to brighten it up.
    • We instructed a cleaner to give the house a deep clean including the windows.

The house gave a very good first impression

4) Dealing with paperwork

    • We arranged for all the paperwork to get to the estate agent including the BER certificate.
    • We arranged for all the paperwork to get to the solicitor including , title documents , marriage certificate , tax clearances.
    • We worked with the client in establishing what paperwork needed to be kept and what could be shredded. We arranged for a shredding company to come to the house and do this on-site.
    • We notified all the utilities of the proposed transfers or cancellations, including electricity, gas, broadband and refuse collection.
    • We notified all their contacts of the proposed change of address and redirected the post on closing day.

The entire process took 13 weeks. We had drawn up a schedule with the clients and time was allocated every week to the move. The rest of the time they could relax, knowing that we were dealing with any issues that arose and kept the process moving forward. The downsize happened seamlessly for them.

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