ageing in place

Sometimes the best solution is to stay in familiar surroundings with a few simple changes. We endeavour to create a safe, comfortable home environment that allows you, to remain at home.

We use our expertise and experience to make small changes to the home and lifestyle of our clients, which improves security, safety and the quality of their lives.

By meeting with you at your home, we can discuss all your concerns and put in place a plan to alleviate those concerns.

When family or friends are not in a position to provide day-to-day support, we will organise a support structure with reputable suppliers to clean, garden, provide personal care, companionship and transport. Safety and security are at the forefront of the changes we will make to your home and often these are very small, low cost changes that make everyone feel more at ease.

Future planning will give you peace of mind and maintain your independence.

case study

Following a period in respite after a fall, Eva’s family wanted to support her wishes to stay living at home. However, they felt that the fall reflected the fact that she hadn’t been managing as well at home as they had thought. They wished to put in place some measures that would make the house a safer and more secure place for Eva to live.

we got to work immediately

We had two consultations, one with Eva’s daughter at Eva’s home and one with Eva in the respite home where we discussed the most challenging aspects of her day-to-day life. We formulated a two category plan, which we felt would provide her with sufficient support and enable her to stay at home.

1) Making the home more age proof

    • Our first step was to move her bedroom downstairs so she had all her amenities on the same level and didn’t need to use the stairs.
    • We arranged for a handy man to come in to put in grab rails in the bathrooms and at the front door, to change some of the door handles to make them easier to use and install a ramp at the front door. He also changed all the light bulbs to LED bulbs and put in some motion sensor lights to allow access to the bathroom at night. He installed slip resistant flooring in the kitchen and bathroom.
    • We went through the house room by room looking for potential tripping hazards. We arranged for all surplus furniture and rugs to be sold or donated to charity.
    • A monitored personal alarm system was set up for Eva .

2) Providing more day to day support

    • We organised a once off deep clean of the house and a regular weekly clean
    • We reviewed Eva’s paperwork and set up as many income and expenses on direct debit / credit as feasible. We put in place a very basic filing system to enable her stay on top of her paperwork.
    • We also got in touch with her local health centre and arranged for the district nurse to visit and assess her medical needs, on a regular basis.
    • We set up an app on Eva’s phone with reminders to take her medicine.
    • Eva was entitled to minimum amount of HSE care but we arranged for a lady to come in on a private basis, once a week, for a two hour period to provide support and companionship.
    • We arrange for a local food company to deliver prepared healthy meals three times a week.
    • We found a private driver in her locality who would be available to take Eva to the hairdresser, library etc. as required.

When Eva arrived home she felt that the few physical changes to the house greatly improved her mobility at home. As the weeks progressed and she felt more and more on top of the day to day running of the house, her confidence grew and she slowly regained her independence .

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