Seamless Moves are here to support the elderly to downsize, age in place, find the most suitable
nursing home and organise their affairs.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Seamless Moves will develop a personalised move plan based on your specific needs and circumstances. If you wish, we will stay with you throughout the process until all items and furnishings are unpacked and put away.

All the physical work can be done by Seamless Moves or someone appointed by Seamless Moves. You make all the key decisions and we carry them out.

Seamless Moves will help you sort and organise your belongings. We will advise and organise which charities to donate to. We will introduce you to suitable third parties who will value and sell your more valuable pieces. We will arrange for the sale of less valuable pieces through online platforms. We will ensure that all unnecessary paperwork is disposed of in a secure manner.

Seamless Moves will develop a list of suitable properties, based on the specific requirements, outlined by your mother and accompany her to viewings

We have developed relationships with many of the suppliers to the process over the years including solicitors, estate agents and removal companies, to ensure you get the best service at the most competitive market rate.

As long as we can access your father’s paperwork, we can prepare all the necessary documentation. We can also assist in viewing nursing homes to assess their suitability to fulfil his requirements.

Yes we can. We provide a service called “Keeping your affairs in order” which will gather together all the information you need for the solicitor. In turn they will able to obtain grant of probate. We can also provide support with your requirements for selling the family home and the distribution of its contents.

Yes we can survey the house and make recommendations on what adjustments need to be made, to make the house safer and more secure. We can recommend handy-men to carry out any work required. We can also organise a support network around your mother, to ensure the house and garden are cleaned and properly maintained, that delivery services are organised to meet all her requirements, that her affairs are organised to make it easier for her to manage her day-to-day paperwork.

Yes, we provide a service called “Keeping your affairs in order”, where will we will talk through all the relevant personal, financial and legal details which would be needed, should he need to move house and move into an nursing home (possibly apply for the Fair Deal). At the end of the consultation, we will provide a pack with all the relevant information included.

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