Bereavement clearance

Losing a loved one is never easy. Clearing their home can be a daunting and emotional task.
At Seamless Moves, we understand the importance of handling this situation with care and

Our team of experts will work with you to sort through every item in the house, selling or donating as much as possible.
We take a compassionate approach, providing a respectful and detailed process from packing and sorting to hauling and transporting. We’re committed to sustainability, finding new homes for each item through sale, donation, or recycling. Our goal is to minimize waste and reduce our environmental impact.

By choosing Seamless Moves, you’ll benefit from:

Our bereavement clearance service is flexible and tailored to your needs. We will:

case study

Mrs. O’Hara, passed away leaving behind a lifetime of memories and possessions in her family home. Her two sons were tasked with sorting through the estate, but the enormity of the task was overwhelming. John, who lived in Singapore, was only able to visit for 10 days and couldn’t bear the thought of leaving it all to his brother. That’s where Seamless Moves came in.

The challenge

With nearly 60 years of memories and belongings to sort through, the family needed a solution that would not only respect their mother’s legacy but also ensure a seamless transition. The house was filled with sentimental items, antique furniture, and memorabilia that held great emotional value to the family.

Seamless Moves’ team of experts worked closely with John and Michael to understand their needs and preferences. We organized boxes for the family to take items they wanted to keep out of the house, including fragile and valuable items that required special care. We also arranged for a trusted partner to collect items destined for international shipping to Singapore.

Once the family had decided on what they wanted to keep, Seamless Moves took care of the rest. We arranged for a professional valuation of the remaining items and coordinated transport to ensure their safe arrival. We then organized items for donation to local charity shops and coordinated a final run to the recycling centre for any remaining items.

Finally we were able to efficiently compile all required paperwork for probate, ensuring that they had a comprehensive and accurate package ready for their solicitor.

The Results

Within under two weeks from the initial phone call, Seamless Moves had cleared the entire house, leaving it spotless and organized. The family was relieved and grateful for our expertise in handling their mother’s estate with care and compassion. The brothers were able to sort through their mother’s belongings with ease, making difficult decisions about what to keep and what to let go of.

the benefits


“When my mother passed away, our family was faced with the daunting task of clearing her lifetime of memories from her home. As I live in Singapore, I was only able to visit for a short 10-day period, making it even more overwhelming. With the added job of handling the legal aspects of estate administration and probate, I knew I needed professional help.

I didn’t want to burden my brother with the task, as he had already carried a heavy load in my absence. That’s when I found Seamless Moves. Avila and Maura were a lifesaver! They guided us through the process with ease, advising us on what to keep and distribute to family members.

Seamless Moves efficiently managed all the necessary paperwork, allowing us to provide a complete and organized package to our solicitor for probate purposes.

The sheer volume of items was staggering, but Avila and Maura worked tirelessly to sort and categorize everything. When we had decided what to keep, they took care of the rest, selling items on our behalf and arranging for donations to charity.

In just two weeks, the house was transformed from chaos to a beautifully organized space. The estate agent was amazed at the speed and efficiency with which Seamless Moves had worked.

We couldn’t have done it without Avila and Maura’s expertise, guidance, and compassion. They truly understood the emotional weight of clearing our mother’s estate and treated our belongings with the respect they deserved. We’re forever grateful for their help during this difficult time.”

John O’Hara, Singapore

The Conclusion

Seamless Moves’ comprehensive clearing service helped John and Michael preserve their mother’s legacy while ensuring a smooth transition. Our expertise in handling sensitive situations like this allowed us to provide a personalized service that catered to their unique needs.

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